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November 2, 2022

5 Top Tools for Audience Identification & Lead Generation Webinars

Hosting a successful lead generation webinar requires the utilisation of the best tools and software — read on to find out how.

Webinars have quickly become an established marketing tool that you have at your disposal. In fact, 73% of B2B marketers recommend webinars to generate high-quality leads. They’re an opportunity to showcase your brand and build relationships with your audience — be they potential leads, clients, or communities.

Lead generation services, when utilised correctly, are a great way to identify high-intent B2B, B2C, and B2B2C leads to nurture and help grow your business. And the great thing about lead generation software is it’s abundance online, meaning that there’s likely a free, or affordable version to suit your needs.

Webinars offer a new touchpoint for your leads to interact with. Fewer and fewer buyers are convinced by cold email outreached campaigns — so your business and brand needs to offer some value. Virtual events can be help live, or left on-demand, giving your audience the option to visit in their own time — a crucial element to business in this newly asynchronous working world.

Why is it important to find the right lead generation tools?

When utilised in tandem, lead generation services and webinars are a force to be reckoned with — and can help to whip your business into shape. But just as with getting into shape yourself, the better the tools, the quicker the progress.

Identifying your goals, taking the advice of experts, and learning from others’ mistakes and successes are crucial when getting into shape — so why would that be any different for your business’ health.

Tools are essential for any type of marketing, and online event planning, and management are no exception. The right tools will help you reach your target audience and ensure that your webinar is fruitful and cost effective. Interactive and visual elements are needed to ensure continued engagement in virtual events, and will prevent people from bouncing out in 2022.

It’s one thing getting eyes on your virtual event — but if they’re not the right eyes, you might find yourself without figurative bums on virtual seats. To figure out which tools are the right ones for you, you must start with a clear set of objectives that are not just actionable, but trackable with analytics.

Which tools you'll need to host a successful webinar

When choosing the right tools for your webinar, it's key to consider your target audience. The nature of the tools that you must have in your brand's arsenal should aim for acquisition and retention. Ensure to include the following:

  1. Customer Persona and Profile: It is paramount to create a customer persona and profile for your future remote events. Understanding your audience and what they want from your webinar will be made easier by doing this. A customer persona tool can be used to create one, and there are some fantastic templates out there to utilise if you’re not sure where to start.
  2. Customer Journey Map: Once you have a customer profile, you must create a customer journey map. This way, the route your audience will take to reach your webinar will be better understood, tracked, and iterated upon as and when necessary. You can use it to find important touch points as well, and identify where interest is gained and lost along the way.
  3. Lead and Sales Automation: Lead and sales automation tools should be used and integrated into your webinar. You will be able to generate leads and close sales in a more efficient manner. Those with the option to customise will help you to tailor your outreach without the risk of sounding robotic. These tools will help you identify and qualify your audience, making your webinar more successful through a higher return-on-investment.
  4. Data Extraction: Data extraction tools can help you gather data from your webinars. It is a process of collecting data from various sources and converting it into a format that can be analysed. This data can be used to improve your webinar and make it more successful.
  5. Online Webinar Software: It’s key to seek a webinar hosting platform with features that will help with organisation and interaction. Try to select one that will pique your audience's interest, with customised landing pages and features that promote engagement. The virtual events software/platform you choose should be able to allow you to interact with your audience and deliver your message in a clear and concise way.

5 lead generation tools for your first webinar

Webinars have become a proven way to connect with customers, clients, and colleagues without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes. For your next event, consider using these tools to help grow your audience and potential clients:

  1. Hubspot is a comprehensive marketing and sales platform that offers a number of features to help you run a successful webinar, including email marketing, lead capture, and registration forms.
  2. Smaply helps you map out the customer journey, so you can better understand how to engage and convert your audience. It’s also possible to map out every step of your webinar, from the introduction to the conclusion.
  3. ZoomInfo acts as a lead generation tool where you can search for prospects by company, job title, or location. This will help you target your webinar invitations to the right people.
  4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool if you want to connect with your webinar audience on a more personal level. It offers the ability to view profiles of attendees, send messages, and even connect with LinkedIn groups.
  5. Tevent is an online event platform that helps you manage and promote your virtual events, including webinars. It offers engagement-focused features, designed to boost and retain large audiences from anywhere.

Tools are essential for any webinar. Utilising lead generation services will allow you to target your ideal audience and ensure that your virtual event reaches your desired goals. We don’t always have the budget to splash out on bespoke lead generation software, so be sure to research your options thoroughly before committing.

If you’re looking to host your first lead generation webinar, be sure to try Tevent for free. Our mission is to remove the barriers to remote gatherings, and help you create compelling, interactive webinars, without the hefty price tag.

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