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July 19, 2021

Come One, Come All (Please)

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: the current tools available to us online just aren't up to par. It's time for a virtual platform built for the user, and, well... here we are. So bring your friends, communities, and colleagues — everyone belongs somewhere.

Roll up, roll up: get your Early Access here (for free). We've been hard at work polishing up your future spaces, and the moment has finally arrived for you and your communities to upgrade your online lives. Community building is about working towards something greater than yourself, so it's high time the tools we used actually facilitated our need for permanent, virtual spaces. And, well, would you look at that — that's exactly what we've done. How kind of us!

What we're about

So before you click that shiny button up top, we want to tell you a little bit about us — our hopes and dreams. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to engage, create and collaborate — regardless of background, health or wealth. We want to facilitate real connections, champion progress, and improve access for all.

If, for some wild reason, that alone wasn't enough for you - we're bringing mother earth into things too. Yeah that's right, our lovely planet. CO2 emissions are rising, and jet setting around everywhere, all the time, won't help. We're not trying to guilt trip you online — but the planet agrees. Just saying.

Virtual communities are physically accessible. Simple. This is by no means the only answer, nor is it a simple one, but we've got big plans for the future of online inclusivity; a future that has flexibility, and sociability at its core. After all, we all deserve a place to mingle, meet, share and really belong. And whilst virtual hugs aren't quite the same — we can't always be with our nearest and dearest, and communities aren't always close by.

That was then

It's no secret that the tools we use are outdated and one-dimensional. Connecting with people online can feel near impossible at times, as we flit between platforms in a seemingly endless game of app acrobatics.

This myriad of social media accounts can be downright overwhelming at times — it's time to trim the fat. Everyone has that graveyard social media account — the one you've not yet deleted because it serves a single, almost insignificant purpose. Let's put them to rest, shall we?

This Is now

It's time for a virtual space more tangible than the realms currently available. Tevent is a place of permanence. We just want to give you and your communities somewhere to settle down; somewhere to come back to, time and time again.

That's why we want you to thoroughly make it your space — bag yourself a belting URL early on so we can get to know you a little better. Remember, when you invite people round to your space this will be the first thing they set eyes on, so choose wisely, CheeseLover99.

It's not just your space that's permanent, but the 'rooms' too are built to last. You can see who's inside, and drop-in and out at leisure. We've all been in conversations we'd like to swiftly exit — but now you can avoid them cropping up in the first place. That means far less time perfecting your stock excuses: 'Wi-Fi dropped', 'computer updating', 'sorry my mum said no' - and far more time doing what you actually feel like. You're welcome.

Communities can easily navigate guest lists for planned gatherings — and utilise the 'tables' function to allow for varied conversation. Fit up to thirty people round your table with ease - there's no awkward bumping knees at this table. You literally can't. And don't forget, tables can be created immediately! A feature specifically designed for those of you that say they're 'nearly there' whilst still in the shower.

We're also keen to broaden your horizons, and help you make you some new friends. Communities are all about the people, right? Hover over contact cards to add your favourites, send direct messages, and even call them directly. We may be far away physically, but we can still be close.

You are not alone. I am here with you. This text has been omitted due to copyright infringement. Let's meet up online soon.

Now, without further ado — it's time to click the big shiny button. Go on, we know you want to.

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