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March 3, 2022

Flexify Your Workforce — Tevent Partners With Flexa

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Flexa — the platform for companies to showcase their flexible work opportunities.

To flex, or not to flex

Working from home — some love it, some hate it... and some simply have no alternative. Often there’s no choice at all — and try as you might, you just can’t convince your boss that reading your emails from the comfort of your home, is exactly the same as reading them from your office chair.

Enter Flexa — who enable companies to showcase their incredible workplace culture to hundreds of thousands of candidates searching for flexibility. Founded by Molly, Maurice, and Tim after noticing a significant lack of flexible opportunities — Flexa is the place to go for flexible workplace solutions.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Co-Founder Molly realised just how difficult it was to find flexible work. That’s not to say that those opportunities weren’t out there — but they were scarce and equally difficult to find. Companies typically use flexible work as an employee benefit, when in actual fact, you’re broadening the search for that perfect employee.

There’s a growing need for flexible work, and Flexa is here to connect those superstar candidates, with stand-out companies offering genuine flexibility. Flexa helps you to redefine workplace culture so that unnecessary facetime at a desk isn’t enshrined — but balance, health, and output is.

The spring in our step

As a fully-remote team ourselves, spread from London to Edinburgh, we truly admire the work that Flexa have done over the past few years. We’ve watched them closely from afar, and are now incredibly proud to announce our partnership with them.

If you believe “working from home is shirking from home” then you clearly haven’t met any of our incredibly intelligent, talented, and dedicated team. We use Tevent ourselves — obviously — to meet up online each week, play some games, have a pint (if you’re that way inclined), and get to know one another.

They say that you can never truly know someone without being in their presence, but that’s just simply not true. Meaningful connections can be had online, and we want to give your company the tools to make that happen.

Much like Flexa, we are strong advocates of transparency — in fact, it’s one of our core beliefs. Our mission is to level the playing field as much as we possibly can — information and opportunity should be open, and easy for all to access.

Our alignment with Flexa doesn’t just stop there, we also share a similar goal — to help your company thrive. Your success is our success — so we’ll do everything in our power to help you plan, host, and attend fantastic webinars, events, meetings, and more. We’re here to help you stand out from the crowd — to facilitate meaningful connections — and, most of all, to help your company grow.

Our fluffy testimonials

Now, if you’re not totally convinced that flexibility is the way forward — we’d like to hand it over to our Chief Fluffy Officer, Cheddar, and Flexa’s Chief Morale Officer, Gruff. Though they can’t technically speak, (we imagine Gruff can, in fact, say his own name — and one time Cheddar mustered a ‘hello’) we think they’re pretty chuffed to have us by their sides more often.

According to Flexa, Gruff “works variable hours to fit in key activities, such as napping, lacklustre fetching, and stealing quiches.” There is a common misconception that working from home is a barrier to efficiency, however, Gruff manages to fit in the same amount of nap time as he would in an office setting. What’s more, there are plenty more quiches to be nabbed at home than there ever could be in an office setting. Other CMO’s mightn’t feel the same, but Gruff’s needs as a worker are met, and he still outperforms in all KPIs.

Cheddar works tirelessly throughout the day to provide respite for his parents, who both work flexible hours. His main duties include crying for food at inopportune times, walking in front of the camera during meetings, and being a good fluffy boy. Cheddar thrives at Tevent, and takes pride in his work — we are lucky to have him on board, to say the least. Though there are many other working pets of Flexa and Tevent, they are unable to provide any comment at present, as it’s currently nap time.

Here at Tevent, we’re incredibly excited about our new partnership with Flexa — so, head on over to see what they can do for the future of your company.

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