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April 28, 2022

From Nought to Tevent: Virtual Media Briefing

As we gear up for our official launch, we invited the press to take a look around, and find out what we’ve been up to these past two years.

As we prepare to bring enterprises and communities from around the world to Tevent, we invited members of the press to a virtual media briefing, to show them the platform and help spread the word about our exciting journey so far.

Ahmed Amer, Co-Founder & CEO, cordially welcomed our guests to the event, saying “There is a lot of untapped potential in the virtual events market. Organisers have a wealth of purpose-built event platforms [to choose from], but they’re almost universally hard to access for SMEs, mid-market companies, and academic organisations.” By addressing these needs for accessibility and affordability, Ahmed said, Tevent is ready to kickstart a revolution in the online events industry.

Growth and Customer Success Associate, Nayl Alam, then showcased a product demo to show some of the best bits of the Tevent platform. This was followed by an interactive session for our guests to find out more about our plans for the future. Lastly, Sonja Schmidt, CGO, presented key statistics around Tevent's impressive growth in Beta. Why take our word for it? Go to the event on the app, and see the full recording.

Our fundamental

As the world struggled to go online in the face of the pandemic in 2020, most people turned to Zoom, Teams, or other legacy platforms to host their events for free. On the other hand, dedicated events platforms remained out of reach due to engagement features being cordoned off behind expensive pricing plans. This encouraged friends turned co-founders, Ahmed Amer and Alex Dobson, to meet the growing need in the online events market by building Tevent — a platform that allows organisers to host engaging and affordable virtual events, and can be customised to meet their needs for scale and functionality. In short, Tevent was created to help everyone build meaningful connections.

The driver underpinning this idea still resonates in Tevent’s mission today — to break down the barriers to remote gatherings. By revolutionising remote, we at Tevent strive to break down the archaic barriers to access, and bridge the glaring gap that exists between the kinds of engagement people are able to elicit in physical and virtual events.

Remote isn’t a competitor to physical — it’s an ally. We’re creating a simple, fast set of interactive tools to gather, meet and share from anywhere, for situations that don’t warrant the travel time and cost, childcare, health concerns, and climate impact of physical gatherings.” - Ahmed Amer, Co-Founder & CEO

Lastly, Tevent is focused on progress. We have embraced innovative methods of work and collaboration while staying grounded on a bed of trust and autonomy. The team uses leading technology to build the best possible platform for SMEs and communities, and remains data-driven and agile to constantly inculcate user feedback into the development process. To top it all off, the team works remotely from across the UK to achieve this together.

And thus, we build Tevent on the foundation of our values — Connections, Progress, & Access.

Early growth so far

The Tevent team has come a long way since 2020. From an idea hatched by two friends, the team has now grown to 15 members, ready to bring a product to market. Along the way, we have raised £1.5M GBP (≈ $2M), and received strategic support, from technology industry leaders from Silicon Valley.

After multiple iterations, the Tevent app was launched as a public beta in late August 2021. Since November 2021, when marketing efforts began, we have garnered close to 1750 signups, including 250 event organisers.

So far, the platform has hosted 1800+ attendees in 27 Events (that had 10 or more attendees), getting an average of 70 attendees for each event.

On the communities front, 140+ Spaces were created on the platform to host 3500+ members.

Overall, we’ve seen 27% Compounded Monthly Growth as of April 2022.

Join us & experience simply better events

The best way to know more about our platform is to try it out and host an event for free. All our features are accessible on every tier, including the free one — and you can host 100 people in hour-long events for free, forever.

If you’re looking for more information, you always have the Tevent website (which you’re on now, most likely) to glean more from. You can drop us a message directly from the chat on our website or by pressing 'Get Help' on the app — or better yet, if you find one of us hovering about on Tevent, add us as a contact, and we’ll be more than happy to connect. 🖖

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