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October 18, 2022

Get Acquainted With Tevent

Learn about Tevent's structure, and read our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the platform.

New to Tevent? Need a little help figuring out how to structure your Spaces and Events setup? Wondering how to make the best use of all the awesome features you see there? Don’t worry, here’s a guide to walk you through it all.

On the other hand, if you have a question, we might’ve already answered it in the section, at the end of the page, containing the most commonly asked questions. Scroll right down. 📜👇

The structure of Spaces & Events on Tevent

We’ve built Tevent to help you effortlessly design the best event and engagement experience for your audience. And to do that, we’ve structured it slightly differently to other event platforms in the market.

So, we’ve put together a handy diagram to help you maximise your Event setup.

The hierarchy of Tevent's areas

Let’s dive deeper into what Spaces, Events, Rooms, and Tables mean, and what you can do within them.

What is a Space?

A Space offers the versatility to host all your Events in one area and to be a permanent hub for your community. Spaces don’t have time constraints, they’re a place where your members can interact and engage regardless of your presence.

Spaces can also contain Rooms within them.

Additionally, you can chat with all members within a Space using the Space Chat.

Capacity (for an optimal experience)

Spaces can house up to 5000 members.

Features in a Space

  • Events
  • Rooms and Tables
  • Space Chat
  • Broadcasting
  • Teleporting

Learn more about how to set up a Space here.

What is an Event?

An Event is the term we use to describe a time-limited gathering on Tevent. Events take many forms — webinars, conferences, demos, workshops, mixers, socials, etc. You can customise the Event to take the form you need with the help of Stages and Rooms.
You can also host multiple Stages or Rooms within the Event (parallel or sequential).

Capacity (for an optimal experience)

There are no hard limits, but you can host up to 500 attendees with ease (apart from the creator of the Event). Please get in touch with us if you’re planning to host larger audiences, and we’ll help you design the most optimal event configuration.

Features in an Event

  • Stages
  • Rooms and Tables
  • Event Chat
  • Broadcasting
  • Teleporting

Learn more about how to set up an Event here.

What is a Stage?

A Stage is where you can host your seminar, keynote, presentation, or any other video stream to your audience — live or on-demand.

There’s a lot of ways to get the engagement going on Stages. The audience can interact with presenters and each other via the chat and by using the react-emojis in the video. They also have the ability to post questions and answer the polls that Organisers put up.

At any point, you can invite an attendee to join you on the Stage as a fellow presenter (with a choice of permissions to only ‘Present’ or ‘Present & Edit’ on the Stage).

As an Organiser, you have the ability to get on to the stage and make sure everything’s set up and looking the way you want it to before the Stage goes live.

Live Stage sessions are time-bound, but attendees will be able to see the live session on-demand, after the session ends, by visiting the same URL.

Capacity (for an optimal experience)

Similar to Events, there are no hard limits on capacity, but we recommend up to 500 attendees for the best Stage experience (not including the creator of the Event, but including other organisers and attendees). As usual, please get in touch with us if you anticipate a larger audience, and we’ll help you design the most optimal event experience.

Features in a Stage

  • Chat
  • Reactions
  • Polls
  • Questions

Learn more about how to set up a Stage here.

What are Rooms and Tables?

Rooms are areas within Spaces and Events where you can meet, mingle and interact with other members of a Space, or attendees of an Event.

Within Rooms, Tables are where you can have video calls with other attendees. You might call them ‘breakout rooms’ on other platforms. Attendees have the ability to freely move between Tables.

At a Table call (and any other call on Tevent), you also have the ability to open up a Miro whiteboard specific to that call. This can be useful when you’re collaborating with others on a project, brainstorming, or making notes. The Miro board can be exported after the Table call, to keep offline.

Capacity (for an optimal experience)

There are no capacity limits for Rooms, but at any given time, each Table can host up to 25 attendees with their videos turned on, and up to 50 in total.

Features in a Table Call

  • Chat
  • Video streaming
  • Miro Whiteboard

Note: Rooms and Tables cannot exist outside of Spaces or Events.

Learn more about how to set up Rooms and Tables here.

How can I connect with other users on Tevent?

Engage with other members on Tevent

Contact Cards and Profiles

Every user on Tevent has a personal profile and contact card that they can customise to share more information about themselves. You can hover over any user’s icon on the app to see their contact card, and send them a request to connect with you.

Learn more about customising your profile here.

Needless to mention, we expect all users to be respectful to each other and their preferences and will take action against any user who isn’t.

Events and Spaces

The most common way of connecting with other people on Tevent is via Spaces and Events.

As mentioned above, you can connect with each other using the connect option on profile cards.

Personal Chats, Group Chats, and Meetings

Outside of Events and Spaces, once users are connected, you can chat with each other via personal chat messages (you can open messages using the icon on the top right-hand corner in the app).

You can also create chats with multiple contacts in them.

Within any chat, you will see the option to start a video call, and this adds a video meeting to your chat automatically.

Video calls here have all the functionalities of video calls on Tables, including the use of the Miro whiteboard.

If you want to schedule a meeting with someone at a given time, you can create a Meeting using the option on the left-hand bar on the app dashboard. Just send the meeting link to whoever you’d like to add to the meeting.

As you can tell, there are plenty of options for connecting one-to-one with users, within and outside of Events and Spaces.

Learn more about Contact & Chat features here.

A summary (and guide) of the terms we use

That’s a lot of information to digest. Here’s a quick summary of all the features and terms we’ve used. If you find that something is missing, please let us know via the chat and we’ll be happy to add it.

We call it A brief description You might also call it
A permanent hub for your community and/or Events. Event Hub, Networking Hub, Community Hub
Event A time-constrained and structured meetup or talk taking place in scheduled Rooms and/or Stages. Event, Conference, Summit, Webinar
Stage Where multiple speakers can get on screen and present to an audience of up to 500 (including chat, Q&As, and polls). Presentation, Webinar, Keynote
Room A permanent location for ongoing meetings, messaging chats, and video calls that take place at Tables. Permanent Room
Table A location for permanent messaging chats, meetings, and video calls with 1-50 active participants (includes screen share, and Miro functionality). Breakout Room, Networking Room
Organisers A user who is creating and/or managing an Event or Space. Hosts, Managers
Presenters A user with the authorisation to present/speak on a Stage. Speaker
Guests A Tevent user who has not signed up for a profile. Guest User, Visitor
Ticket Credits Ticket Credits allow for Event Registrations. One Credit is redeemed for one registration. Credit, Token, Pass
Event Length The total duration that an Event is live for. Event duration
On-Demand Recording A recording of a stream that can be accessed and watched at any time. Evergreen
Teleport A tool to move attendees to desired locations and sessions within an Event or Space. Assign participants to breakout rooms
Broadcast A tool that enables the Organiser to message and update registrants within the platform and via email. Email updates, Platform notifications

Lastly, as promised, here’s a list of some of the most common questions (and their answers) that have come up recently.

Commonly asked questions

How do Ticket Credit limits work?

1 Ticket Credit is redeemed upon 1 unique event registration. Event registrations are limited by the number of Ticket Credits you have.

For instance, if you have 300 credits, up to 300 individuals in total can register for your Events, each month.

Note: if an individual registers for 2 separate Events in the same month, this will redeem 2 Ticket Credits.

Ticket Credits are refreshed monthly.

If you need to increase your monthly Ticket Credits after the Appsumo deal is finished, you can easily upgrade your package to suit your requirements, either in-app or by speaking with our sales team (who will help you find the most cost-effective package).

How do Event Length limits work?

Each Event you host on Tevent can be between 1 hour and 14 days long, with the maximum Event Length being capped by your Tier allocation.
Our plans do not limit the number of Events you can hold (ie. you can run an unlimited number of parallel events).

Do you integrate with other tools?

We currently integrate with Miro and Zapier — our team is happy to support you in creating specific Zaps. We will be adding a marketplace for other apps and integrations in the near future.

Can I use Tevent on mobile?

Mobile is coming very soon in 2022. Stay tuned for updates.

What languages does Tevent support?

Tevent is currently only available in English, however, multi-language support is a commonly requested feature which we will be considered for future development.

Is technical support offered?

Depending on the scope of your requirements, our team will be happy to assist with the planning and execution of your Event. Please use the chat on the website or the app to discuss this.

Do you offer Exhibition Booths (i.e. for trade shows)?

After many requests, we’re excited to say that Exhibition Booths have been discussed by our Dev team, who will be adding this feature to the roadmap soon.

Do you offer white labelling? Can change the colour of the purple to match my brand?

White labelling is a commonly requested feature — our Dev team is already in discussions about adding it to the roadmap very soon.

Do you offer CNAME?

We don't yet offer CNAME functionality.

This has been highly requested, so we will add this to our development backlog for assessment and will provide an update soon on our plans to develop it.

Can my Event be live-streamed to other platforms (social media, website, etc)?

This feature is in active development and will be delivered soon via a re-streaming platform. We will provide an update shortly on the development progress.

Can I upload videos from off Tevent to stream on the platform? Do you offer RTMP in/out?

It is possible to upload videos recorded off-platform, but these will need to be played manually during a live event (with or without an audience).

Events that are recorded in Tevent can then be played automatically (on-demand) for those who miss it live — thereby working as a pre-recorded event.

We’re looking to develop this feature set further very soon.

Are emails sent from the platform sent from Tevent or another domain?

All emails are sent from Tevent, we don’t currently have the option to send emails from your own email domain.

However, you can export Event attendee/Space member data for your own use in another email distribution platform.

We will add custom domain distribution to our development backlog for assessment and will provide an update soon on our plans to develop it.

Can I limit access to Rooms to certain groups in my audience?

Ticket Tiers that categorise Space members for Rooms are a highly requested feature and are being added to the roadmap very soon.

Is it possible to have rooms with password-only access that only some guests can enter?

We don't have this feature at this time.

We will add this to our development backlog for assessment and will provide an update soon on our plans.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question here or are looking for any additional support to use Tevent, please feel free to use the chat functionality on the website here or on the app — we’ll be happy to help you out.

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