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August 2, 2022

Growing Your Business with Interactive Webinars

90% of marketers who held a webinar said it was an effective tool, making it the most widely praised video marketing channel. Here's how you can use webinars to grow your business or community.

There are myriad ways to grow a business — some are tangible, others seem like pie-in-the-sky ideas, and sometimes it’s tough to know which will work for your business. It’s often necessary to validate ventures before you even set sail, so research is paramount to finding the right route to maximising ROI.

In today’s climate, favour often feels fleeting, markets seem saturated, and getting your foot in the door isn’t always a walk in the park. The long and short of it is that business growth is not as simple as pulling a few levers and hoping for the best.

As a startup, we know the struggle of solidifying your brand and staying well ahead of the curve. It’s important to look ahead, and figure out which of your next big endeavours will prove the most fruitful — but the path forward isn’t always so clear-cut.

One new frontrunner for marketing and growth professionals is the humble webinar — an emerging contender to other long-heralded platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. According to The State of Video Marketing in 2022:

The most effective video channel statistically was the webinar. Usage held steady at 62% from last year (after a rise from 46% in 2019) but a whopping 90% of marketers who held a webinar said it was an effective tool, making it the most widely praised video marketing channel of all those listed.

Why host webinars on Tevent?

The more types of content you have across your channels, the more opportunities you have for your audience to interact with your brand. We all have different wants and needs that are constantly in flux — your audience may want to read a blog post one day, and the next be more in the mood for video content.

Webinars work a lot like video content by keeping audience members engaged, whilst also adding an interactive element to hold attention. Your goals as an organiser or host will often be to maximise ROI, boost engagement, solidify brand identity and/or cultivate leads.

Use them as a more personal approach to FAQs about your product or brand — with every webinar you provide the audience with more information about who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Not only does this bolster brand identity, but it lets your audience see behind the veil, and connect with your brand persona in a more personable way.

Encourage attendees to ask questions and set polls for higher engagement. Webinars are often a two-way street, so you’ll start to understand your audience in a more in-depth way. Quantitative research is one thing, but it really never hurt to get some qualitative understanding of your product, and how users are interacting with it.

Questions on Tevent are voted to the top — we like to think ourselves diplomatic, you see — so you know exactly which topics are popular, and by how much. You can even track specific Analytics for each Room, Table, and Stage to really get into the nitty-gritty of what your audience is interested in.

Webinars also have a wider reach — on Tevent the recordings are still on Stage long after the event is over, so you can still send prospects to view your content even if it isn’t live. That means that you, and any Sponsors that you want to add to the Sponsors tab, will keep getting exposure, as people continue to visit.

Who can make use of webinars on Tevent?

Webinars can be utilised by absolutely anyone in a business to drive growth. From CEOs and entrepreneurs to marketing and growth professionals of every calibre — webinars have a proven track record for boosting ROI.

Online interactions are more meaningful with webinars than they are through one-way channels — this means that relationship building for B2B and B2C (and B2B2C) will generate more valuable leads. Given the interactivity of the Stage features, you’ll be building rapport before you even find them one-on-one.

Social features in Tevent allow you to remain in touch long after the webinar is over —  Sales execs can set up future meetings on-the-fly, and double down on any potential leads by inviting them to Spaces to find out more about future content. You can send Broadcasts to keep your Space members in the know, which will automatically send out an email to all.

Market researchers can download attendee lists after the webinar to identify any leads, and check the Analytics tab for a run-through of demographics to quantify interest. As we mentioned earlier — Analytics allow you to see which Rooms and Tables were the most popular which helps you to double down on any opportunities and trends.

How can you make the most of your webinars?

Webinars might start off as one channel of content, but they open up new opportunities for recycling and reusing your content to keep things fresh. We’ve written at length about how to squeeze the most out of your content in our previous blog, but read on for a brief overview.

Grabbing sound bites from your webinars to use across social media could trigger intrigue around the topic. Don’t give away all your best bits, but picking one or two interesting lines out is a great way to drive additional traffic to your webinar recording or serial.

Turning your webinars into blog posts can be a great way to summarise your content in another format. Though the overwhelming majority of people prefer video content, there are still some out there that will prefer to read about it. Sometimes it’s situational, sometimes it’s based on preference — but giving your audience the opportunity to choose will only bolster interaction with your business, and give interested parties a variety of touchpoints at which they can engage.

Takeaways for growing your business with webinars

Hosting webinars gives your audience more opportunity to engage with your brand interactively and has great potential to boost ROI. Re-purposing content is efficient, and given the breadth of reusability with just a single webinar, you can keep investors and bosses happy, and your endeavours validated.

As a host or organiser, you position your brand as a thought leader in the field. Invite knowledgeable guest speakers, identify hot topics, and show your audience that you really know your stuff. With interactive webinars, such as those held on Tevent, you can even pull some testimonials from the events to use across messaging and sales decks.

What’s more, Tevent even has a free tier to start off on (with every feature available as always) — so you can trial your endeavour before splashing out. Head over today to see what all the fuss is about.

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