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How Atomley Increased Qualified Sales Calls by 450% with Tevent

We're proud to say that our partner, Atomley, have reached new heights on Tevent.

Client: Hew Leith

Role: CEO

Company: Atomley

Outline: Virtual Event Consulting


Industry: Marketing & Events Consulting

We’ve tried every virtual event platform. Tevent beats them all

Hew Leith is the CEO of Atomley, a virtual events consultancy that has also developed its own webinar lead generation SaaS tool. With 20 years of industry experience, Hew has run in-person and virtual events for industry giants like Adobe, Slack, AWS, and others.

After using Tevent since the early BETA days, he saw an opportunity to run virtual events in a fresh and interesting way, compared to how they’re traditionally hosted on platforms like Zoom or GoTo.

Atomley began its relationship with Tevent by running a series of four webinars using the platform, bringing together over 150 prospective customers, and consequently winning business from three cold leads that attended.

Solving the lead generation problem

Atomley focus on the art and science of running the world’s best demand generation events, in particular helping their clients to build event strategies that attract and convert prospective customers using what they call ‘Customer Generation Webinars’.

They offer two main services for success;

  1. A Virtual Events Masterclass — for those who want to learn how to build and manage events over a 12-week course;
  2. Atomley Survey software — for those who want to optimise their event’s lead conversion capabilities.

Their clientele is Marketing and revenue leaders in SMBs, typically in (but not limited to) the technology sector, who want to use virtual events as a way to attract and convert new business opportunities.

Why Atomley made the move

Atomley is a “platform-agnostic consultancy”, meaning they previously designed our processes and masterclass content to be generalised for all virtual event/webinar platforms.

“Prior to Tevent we were using Zoom Webinars to run our events, but found it to be clunky, difficult to set up, poor quality audio/video, barriers to attendance (eg. having to download an app), and unattractive registration event pages.”

The main challenge that Atomley faced was the “complexity of setting up an event”. Despite being a seasoned veteran of the events world, Hew noted a common theme of overcomplication in managing virtual events across the board.

“Anyone who has been into the settings pages of the older webinar platforms will know that it is a total minefield”

Aside from solving the above issues, Hew had a few deal-breakers that needed to be met before making the switch. Customer support was one such deal-breaker — being able to “rely on the Tevent team to support [them] and become a partner for shared customers made it an easy decision to switch”.

At Tevent we pride ourselves on affordability, which is always a consideration for small businesses like Hew’s. Finding a “new and interesting platform” also helped, increase engagement from Atomley’s prospects during their customer-generation webinars.

How it’s going for Atomley at Tevent

Hew made use of the simple UI and modernity of Tevent to create a seamless webinar series that was both informative and engaging. Atomley has had such a successful run with us that they now recommend Tevent as “the best virtual event solution” to their clients.

"Since our customers have started to use Tevent, we’ve seen almost every use case and feature in action. We’ve been really happy with the performance, and the Tevent team are continuously updating the product with new features. When we do come across a bug, it is fixed quickly and the communication is always fantastic."

Tevent and Atomley are perfectly aligned as they both want the same thing — “for our customers to run the world’s best virtual events”. We work together to build thought-provoking and engaging events that benefit organisers (our joint customers) and audience members (our customers’ customers) alike.

Hew notes that the “simplicity and speed at which an event can be created, edited, and published is leagues ahead of the older and more complex platforms on the market.” This enables them to work with their entire customer base with ease — from newbies looking to learn more, to webinar veterans who can harness the full power of Tevent out of the box.

How does Atomley measure its webinar success?

We talk about return-on-webinars a lot here at Tevent, but how exactly is this measured? For each endeavour, the metrics will vary — as your goals will determine what to keep track of and why. Being a SaaS tool, Atomley were largely focused on qualified leads and resulting sales.

“When pairing our Atomley Survey with Tevent, we are seeing a vastly increased lead conversion to MQL and SQL. One of our customers had a +450% increase in qualified sales calls following their quarterly webinar, compared to when they were using GoTo.”

Atomley has achieved this by utilising Tevent’s full capabilities to create immersive webinars that showcase their abilities — from “Q&A, polling, reactions, and other audience engagement features.” They also make use of Spaces on Tevent as a permanent hub for their community to interact.

“Having a webinar + community management tool in one place (rather than spread across 2-3 platforms), really helps us improve conversion rates and prospect satisfaction through the sales process!”

Before making the move, Hew notes that events took longer to set up and publish, and it would also “take more time to train those new at hosting virtual events, and be a poorer experience for the audience (particularly due to the poorer audio/video quality offered by the rest of the platforms currently).”

The biggest challenge for Atomely will be the post-COVID landscape for online events. Many believe that virtual events and webinars will decrease in popularity over time, however, the figures seem to disagree.

Hew believes “that a hybrid approach that incorporates both in-person and virtual will be the best strategy” moving forward, which could be Atomley’s greatest challenge yet. They’ve mastered the world of webinars, but now it’s time for something new — and we think they’ll smash it.

If you’d like to learn how to build, run, and optimise your virtual events, consider joining Atomley’s next masterclass cohort. Contact Hew for more information —, or head to their website to find out more.

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