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July 19, 2022

Online Coaching Sessions for Mentors, Trainers & Learners

Coaching is a lifelong process that can take several forms — Tevent helps you coach or learn, via webinars, meetings, and Spaces, no matter the context.

The world we live in is constantly changing and evolving, and with it, we’re constantly trying to educate and hone ourselves, to play our chosen roles in it. The school of life ensures that we’re constantly learning beyond formal halls of education. We also realise that counsel, wisdom, and experience, are as important as logic, knowledge, and skill.

As someone wise once said, ‘If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four sharpening my axe’. It’s a lifelong process, and we’re forever coaching or getting coached — after all, it’s in human nature to constantly do better, get better, and live better.

With the rise of the digital world in the last few decades, coaching has found a new medium that transcends the boundaries of physical classes, meetups, or sessions. Webinar training and video conference meetings are becoming the norm in professional environments that can make the switch.

Personal and professional coaching services also prefer to meet virtually, reaping the benefits of time and location while still getting visual feedback from each other. Online education has taken on many new dimensions with newer technologies emerging — an important change that offers students the flexibility to learn, and teachers to record lessons when they can.

Online coaching sessions can take many different forms

Why coach on Tevent?

Coaching can take several forms — you might be looking for one-to-one or one-to-many setups, they could be live or recorded sessions, or they could also involve some sort of collaboration. Tevent’s Stages, Rooms, and Spaces offer many choices for you to tailor a setup that suits your needs. 🪡

On Stages, you can host sessions in a webinar format, complete with live polls, questions, and comments, for immediate feedback. You can also record these sessions to have them available in the same location (same link), within a few minutes of recording it. So, a live session is immediately available as a recorded one right after it ends. Find out all about recording on Tevent in our blog post.

In Rooms, you can host one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many sessions where up to 25 people can talk to each other with full video functionality available (more can listen in without their video turned on). These Rooms also have integrated Miro whiteboards that everyone can get onto for collaborative projects. Lastly, any Room session can also be recorded for your use later.

Tevent’s Spaces allow you to create a permanent location for coaching sessions — be it for personal chats, or for a recurring class or community to get together. Spaces allow you to host all your webinars and topical rooms, and also allow you to send ‘Broadcasts’ to all your members via email and as a Tevent notification. 📢

Critical to all your efforts, is going to be understanding how well your sessions are doing. This is easier in one-to-one chats since you can get direct feedback from the person you’re interacting with. For larger sessions, Tevent offers extensive insights to help you understand how engaged your participants are. Everything you need to know about analytics is captured in our blog post here. 📊

Tip: You can always get on a meeting with anyone by simply calling them via chat or group chat windows. These also have integrated Miro whiteboards you can choose to use.

Who can make use of hosting online coaching sessions?

As we said earlier, everyone can benefit from coaching — and yet, a lot depends on the context of the coaching sessions. Teachers and students in any setting can reap the benefits of hosting sessions on Tevent, especially if they aren’t able to meet online. We strive to make the engagement and recording functionalities work for them. Students could also host study sessions and brainstorm on the Miro boards if they’d like.

Companies can host their knowledge-sharing events on Tevent, at a substantially lower cost than many other platforms, while still getting access to all features on Tevent (remember, no more barriers). Training sessions for new employees would also not go amiss, especially if there are many folks joining remotely. 🏋️‍♀️

Personal and professional coaching sessions can also find a home on Tevent. Perhaps you need a place to host your career coaching sessions, or maybe you’re a therapist looking for a bespoke online Space for your clients. You can tailor Tevent to your needs.

It doesn’t all have to be serious business — you can very well use Tevent for some fun, or for health and fitness. We’ve already had Yoga instructors hosting their classes on Tevent. Maybe you’d like to join them. 🧘

In short, Tevent is your oyster. Any community can utilise our platform to share knowledge, learn something from each other, and get together to work on impactful projects. We’ve designed Tevent to work for you, no matter your needs.

Tevent helps you tailor your coachign sessions to your needs

How can you make the most of online coaching sessions?

Before we part, and you go away to get your amazing coaching sessions off the ground, here are some notes that coaches have shared that they’ve found helpful.

Think about the goals for your sessions: who are they for? What will it help them achieve? The simpler your answer to this is, the easier it will be for you to focus on what’s important and ignore the distractions.

Using your goals, you can determine the ideal setup for your sessions. Is it a one-to-one session, or maybe a one-to-many? You can utilise Stages for webinars if you’d like to have a one-to-many session that you also want to have available at the same location for on-demand viewing. Or you could use Rooms to get together and have a simple session with video interaction (that you can also record if you so choose). 📸

Another advantage of digital platforms is the ease of sharing additional materials with your session participants. Perhaps you’d like to make some additional files or links available to them for further learning — think about these and have them ready on hand to distribute before, during, or after the session.

Takeaways for ideal coaching sessions

Be it as a coach or someone receiving coaching, the ideal coaching session should help you spend your time and energy on the outcomes that matter to you. Simplify the administrative and organisational aspects of these sessions, by hosting them on Tevent. Customise Stages, Rooms, and Spaces to meet your needs — get the engagement going, and record sessions to have them available on-demand later.

Remember, Tevent is built for you to meet your needs, so feel free to get in touch with us on socials or via email at support[at]tevent[dot]com, and we’ll help you get the most out of it.

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