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December 24, 2021

Pandemic-Proof Christmas & New Year Virtual Events

Covid cases are rising in the UK with the arrival of the new variant Omicron, and holiday plans are taking a hit. Tevent is offering a Space for anyone to come together for the holidays; and staying FREE through this period so everyone can host their own virtual events.

The new variant

On the 22nd of December 2021, 106,000 positive cases of covid-19 were reported in the UK. Omicron has truly arrived on the island, and how. There’s no end to this anywhere close in sight, restrictions are looming large (more a matter of when, and not if), and posts on r/mildlyinfuriating of positive covid tests bemoaning ‘well, there goes my Christmas' are on the up. Guess it’s about time we all move to our Plan Cs for Christmas and New Years’.

Well, There Goes My Christmas

We feel you — honestly. Tevent’s own Christmas get-together was cancelled — and since we all work remotely, it truly was unfortunate. But we always have Tevent itself, and our monthly socials to fall back upon. 😀

Tevent Team Social

Ideas for virtual holiday events

Anyhow, this post isn’t here to tell you about the various ways you can have some fun on a virtual meetup for Christmas and New Year’s. There’s too many posts out there already. Nevertheless, here’s some quick links to Google searches of Ideas for Virtual Christmas Parties and Ideas for Virtual New Year Parties for the lazy. Can you imagine? We’re giving you links to Google search results, that’s how much we care about you.

A Tevent Space to get together

Mindful of the fact that with our great power, comes great responsibility (see what we did there 😉), we’ve created an exclusive Space with Events for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So if you were looking for an online space to get together with your friends, families, or colleagues, look no further. Head over to 'Ho Ho Holidays' Space, we’ll be here waiting for you with some mulled cider.

The Christmas Event on Tevent

In fact, Tevent is staying FREE for everyone over the holiday season. Hop on, create your own Events, Spaces and Rooms — personalise them to your taste (URLs, thumbnails, banners and everything in between), and host your own exclusive event (psst.. make it an invite-only Event). Enjoy the Ho Ho Holidays.

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