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June 10, 2022

Recording & On-Demand Webinars for Marketing Professionals

There’s a growing want and need for recording and on-demand options for webinars given their versatility for SMEs, and sometimes you need a little help making the most of your investment.

Maybe you want to reuse content, but find screen recording annoying and laborious, or maybe you just want to keep better track of your calls. We know you probably can’t recall every single detail, from every conversation, Q&A, or talk — and taking minutes is so 2002.

Unsurprisingly, companies want to know that their investments online are yielding positive ROI (return on investment) of both time and money. Recording content may not be a revolutionary idea for webinars, but often this simple feature is locked behind paid tiers. Well, not anymore.

Why record webinars on Tevent?

No matter what plan you’re on, be it free or paid, recordings and on-demand functionalities are open to all on Tevent (in fact, all features are available to all, but we’ll focus on one at a time).

Recordings are often used as a means of reusing content — to get the most out of your invested time and money spent throughout the Event’s lifecycle. You may have flawlessly executed your product tour or pulled off the greatest webinar of all time, but what good is that if you’ve nothing to show for it?

The ultimate goal is to stretch your investment in both time and money spent hosting and organising. Recordings can be repurposed and used in marketing materials, such as newsletters, emails, websites, social media, youtube, ads, sound bites, testimonials, and more.

On Tevent, all calls can be recorded. Whether it’s a planned Event, or an on-the-fly meeting — your time curating and implementing will be solidified in High Definition Dolby recordings so long as you remember to hit the record button.

You'll find the Record button bottom centre of your screen, as shown above.

Who can make use of recording online events?

In a word — everyone.

Video has often been heralded as king among content — with its easily digestible and attention-grabbing nature. Pair that with the interactivity of online webinars and mixers, and you’re onto a winner.

Webinars are fast becoming a boon for companies to connect with their users, and grow their brand identity and digital presence. For communities, virtual workshops and socials open up a whole new pool of prospective members.

Digital Marketing & Growth Executives can make the most of this boom in interest — keeping the bosses happy and getting creative all at once.

How to make the most of on-demand webinars?

Say you’re marketing a virtual webinar on Tevent to people across the globe. Despite how accessible webinars are, being online, it’s almost impossible to find a time that suits absolutely everyone.

For reference, it’s been said that 2 PM BST is the time when most people on the planet are awake at once, but not everyone will be free to attend.

Instead of cutting your losses, and accepting the seemingly inevitable, you could keep the buzz going for post-Event sign-ups. On-demand webinars offer the option to attend well after the Event is over — opening up the attendee pool even further.

If you’re recording a Stage, the recorded footage will playback shortly after the Stage has ended — from here you can pause, rewind, scrub through, and download.

Your attendees may not be able to bask in the experience of your beautifully constructed live webinar, but they can still benefit from whatever glorious topics you may have covered at a time that suits them.

Takeaways for recording webinars online

Recordings and on-demand content are a great way for Marketing and Growth executives to maximise ROI on Tevent. Not only do they provide you with the materials to showcase your awesome webinars, summits, and socials, but also they open the Event up to ‘out-of-hours’ attendees. They don’t miss out on the good stuff, and your wider cast net reaches more curious eyes. Everyone wins.

Head straight over to Tevent to start planning today, or take a look at this useful guide if you need some extra help.

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