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October 5, 2022

Tevent Offers Lifetime Deals on AppSumo

Tevent’s lifetime deals on AppSumo offer all the functionalities of Tevent, at unbeatable prices.

You know how all of us at Tevent want to make online webinars and events more accessible to anyone who wants to host them. So when the opportunity came along to partner with AppSumo to offer even better deals for hosting events, we were more than glad to do so.

AppSumo is supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to building and scaling their businesses — be it by helping them find the right tools to build it or to take their offerings to the world via their community of Sumo-lings.

Today, we’re launching our own lifetime deals for Tevent on AppSumo — meaning interactive online webinars and events for LIFE. 🚀

These deals are only available for a limited time, so do get yours, and spread the word as best as you can. Already curious? Learn about it all on AppSumo, or read on below. 👓

Lifetime deals for interactive online webinars and events

Tevent’s lifetime deals on AppSumo offer all the functionalities of Tevent, at unbeatable prices — learn all about it below.

What’s a lifetime deal?

Think of it as a one-time payment to get access to a Tevent subscription for life. Yes, for life — no recurring monthly payments, top-ups, renewals, nothing. Pay once, redeem your codes, and go.

How does the deal work?

The deal is structured with AppSumo codes. The number of codes you buy on AppSumo, and redeem on Tevent, gets you access to the subscription of your choice.

For example, 1 AppSumo code gives you 400 free ticket credits every month with the ability to host events that last an hour long. 5 AppSumo codes, on the other hand, will give you 1200 free ticket credits every month with the ability to host events that last 3 hours long.

You can redeem up to 9 AppSumo codes on a single subscription. 😲

Again, you can find out all about it on Tevent’s AppSumo page.

How long will the deal last?

The lifetime deals are available for 60 days starting today, October 5th, 2022. Time is fleeting — we recommend you don’t wait. ⌛

Sounds amazing. Where can I get it?

Get it on AppSumo, and have some tacos 🌮 while you’re at it.

Anything else I should know?

While the lifetime deal gives you a certain number of free ticket credits every month for life — these ticket credits won’t roll over. So try to use them all every month. At the start of every month, your free ticket credits will be re-upped. 🥂

Oh also, you must know it by now, but none of our interactive features are locked away behind tiers. You get access to all the amazing stuff no matter what your subscription is. Yes, even if you are on the free tier. 👏

They are lifetime deals, but they won’t last forever

Chop chop, these deals won’t be around all year. Has the Black Friday sale come early this year? Seems like it. Why miss out when you have the chance to host the best webinars and events for life? And at amazing prices to boot.

We’re off to get those tacos — come join us! And get your lifetime deals for Tevent only on AppSumo.

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