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January 17, 2023

Tevent vs Airmeet: Which Platform is Accessible for Your Company?

Choosing the right platform is as important a decision as any when hosting online events.

The platform you choose to host your webinar from should be carefully measured to ensure a positive ROI. Here at Tevent, prospective clients are constantly asking how we stack up to our closest competitors. We thought we’d lay it out for you to make an informed decision on which platform is right for you.

Zoom has become a household name for video conferencing, but many are looking for a feature rich alternative. Most dedicated events platforms are exhorbitantly priced, with features locked away behind tiers.

Airmeet is a fantastic tool for enterprises, but many companies simply won’t reap the benefits due to it’s high pricing model. For those of you looking for a more affordable alternative to Airmeet, Tevent could yield the return-on-investment that you’ve been looking for. But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve laid out the key differences below.

Which virtual events platform will work best for your events?


Tevent is a platform that enables people to connect remotely and build their businesses or community. It offers a variety of features that allow users to host meetings, webinars, and small gatherings. It also enables large companies to create a personal connection with their audience.

With Tevent, users can explore a wide range of features, such as:

  • One-click HD downloadable recording
  • On-Demand viewing
  • Guest access
  • Live analytics
  • Polls, Q&A & chats
  • Customisable profiles and contacts
  • Permanent hubs to interact within, and host events from
  • RTMP streaming

What’s distinct about Tevent is that we offer a revolutionary pricing model which allows users to access all the features regardless of their plan. A core pillar of ours is accessibility — and we want users to be able to host incredible events without breaking the bank.


On the other hand, with Airmeet, users can create a virtual event space to host large events from on their higher tiers. They also have speakers and participants interact with features like Raise Hand, Polls, and Q&A, which will help you increase engagement.

The featuers available on Airmeet’s free plan include:

  • Up to 90 mins session duration
  • Multiple modes of networking
  • Extensive Live event engagement
  • Default Airmeet landing page
  • Pre-set emails
  • Real-time data & basic reports

Their conference platform also allows you to add unlimited sponsors in different categories or tiers, host many sessions in parallel and manage tickets. Plus, it can accommodate up to 10,000 participants and includes four different streaming modes (Standard, high definition, lite, and audio-only), so everyone can join and enjoy your event, even with limited internet.

Key Differences

There’s no doubt that Airmeet is a great platform for large events — but many features are locked behind pricey tiers. The structure of these tiers might leave some users paying for large packages that they simply don’t need. While Tevent initially has Crowd, Gathering, and Summit packages, users can customise their plans based on their event needs.

For instance, if your company has 1,000 employees and hosts one-hour monthly events with up to 16 organisers, you can access Tevent’s features at just $129 per month. Take note; even the free Crowd plan comes with all features.

By contrast, while Airmeet does offer competitive packages with new features (leaderboards, gamification, 3D booths, unlimited annual), its plans don’t seem to cater to smaller organisations. Its Starter package only allows up to 200 attendees per event, billed at $500 monthly. Their closest plan to Tevent’s flexible $129, 1,000-attendee, 16-organiser limit is the Enterprise package, which only allows a maximum of ten organisers. However, even that could reach a price increase of over 100 per cent.

Utilise every feature to ensure a successful webinar

Hosting a successful webinar is the result of many spinning cogs — and all are equally important. From the minute you start planning, every decision should be purposeful and well thought out — from the content to the marketing.

There’s no one-size-fits-all for a successful webinar, you should constantly be referring back to your target audience and what they would like to see. The speaker(s) you choose should be carefully vetted, the content you produce should be thought-provoking and relevant, and the methods to market should be targeted.

Successfully marketing your event requires some creativity and effort, but it’s worth it when you see the results. You can use various methods to promote your webinars, such as social media posts, email campaigns, and ads.

Additionally, engaging with potential attendees before and after your webinar is crucial for creating an enjoyable experience and ensuring your event is successful. With the right approach and tools, you can easily reach your target audience and get them excited about attending your webinar.

Choose the platform that yields a greater ROI

New features are good, but you shouldn’t need to spend an arm and a leg to keep audiences interested. With its more affordable and value-for-money features, Tevent could be the perfect Airmeet alternative for your company.

Tevent has Crowd, Gathering, Summit, and custom packages for your digital events that are the most flexible and affordable you’ll see on the market. Visit our website to try it out for free.

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