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June 27, 2022

Today's the Day — Tevent is Live

Tevent is live. Host interactive webinars and gatherings without the price tag. Access every feature and host 100 people in hour-long events for free, forever.

TL;DR: Tevent is live. Access every feature and host 100 people in hour-long events for free, forever. Go go go. 🏃‍♀️ We are also live on Product Hunt today, show us some love. 😻

TS;WM: Two years ago, friends turned co-founders, Ahmed Amer and Alex Dobson, struggled to find a tool to host engaging virtual events.

Bespoke platforms were priced well out of reach, and standard platforms just weren’t up to scratch — so, the both of them set out on a mission to break down the barriers to remote gatherings.

24 months, 15 team members, $2m in funding, and 1 beta product later, we’re proud to announce... drumroll, please... the official launch of Tevent. 🚀

Try it for free, it’s the best way to get to know the platform, but if you’re looking for a little taster, read on here to find out more about the power of Tevent.

And, you can always learn more about the platform, and us, on our newly-revamped website.

In case you missed it in the TL;DR, we’re also very excited to be live on Product Hunt today — a curation of the best new products, every day. Come check us out and spread the love. We'd love to hear what you think, and we’ll be around all day to answer your questions and comments.

tevent webinar platform with multi videos, chats, polls and questions
Host Interactive Webinars & Online Events — Without the Price Tag

What even is Tevent?

Geographical, financial, health-related, and situational hurdles still plague our ability to come together in this age of digitisation.

What’s more, the present landscape of virtual events platforms are either ill-suited to meet the needs for large group gatherings or are too expensive to be a viable option for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and communities with limited budgets.

Tevent is breaking down these barriers to remote gatherings by making it accessible for anyone to host interactive, and affordable virtual events.

Every feature at your beck and call, for free

We’re taking access very seriously.

So much so that you can use all our features across every tier — even our free plan. And there are a lot of features on Tevent. In fact, it’s almost illogical to try to tell you all of it now, but we’re so chuffed, we’re going to give it our best shot.

You can host up to 100 people in hour-long events for free, or choose from one of our paid tiers if it suits — but remember, you can customise these paid tiers to meet your needs. Want to host 500 people only for an hour? Easy.

Want to host only 100 people, but for 3 hours? Done. Tailor your plan however you see fit, so you’re only paying for what you need.

tevent event pricing with settings and comparison - with hopin, airmeet and runtheworld - based on attendees, event duration and organisers
Tailor a Plan for Your Needs & Budget

Host engaging events

Whatever type of you want to host, we’ve got you covered — from summits and conferences to webinars, mixers, and more.

Not only that, Tevent makes it seamless for groups of any size to get together through chats, meetings, and community spaces.

Engagement is at the heart of everything you can do on Tevent.

If you’re hosting a webinar, enable your attendees to ask questions, and create polls to get everyone involved — and you’ll always have the chat to keep the hubbub going. You can easily record your webinars and have them instantly ready for on-demand access at the same location once the session is over. 🔁

Once the webinar is over, you can Teleport everyone into Rooms for video discussions.

Yes, you heard us right. Teleport. Everything that science-fiction promised is now possible with Tevent. Jokes aside, it’s the helping hand you need to guide your attendees from Room to Room ⚡

Lastly, you don’t always have to rely on chats to reach out — you can use the Broadcast functionality to send an instant banner message and email to all of your Event participants.

Measure the return on your events

Understanding your Event’s success is crucial to understanding the return on your invested resources.

As an organiser, you have access to the email addresses of everyone who’s registered for your event, available to download as a comma-separated value (CSV) file at the press of a button.

Tevent also provides you with extensive analytics at both event and session levels, to easily measure the success of your event. You can see which geographical locations your attendees came from, the number of live users at any given moment, along with the total number of views.

At the session level, you can also see the total views and unique users per session. If you’d like to analyse the data outside Tevent, you can download it in CSV files.

All our analytics are, of course, GDPR-compliant, so all the data is aggregated and not available at a specific user’s level to maintain privacy 🔐

tevent downloadable event webinar analytics showing total and live users by region, per session
Leverage Robust Event Analytics to Measure RoI & Success

Commune in thriving Spaces

Spaces allow you to host your community with no limits.

Think of them as permanent hubs for all community members to congregate outside the confines of time-bound events. It is an ideal setup to host a series of Events for your loyal audience, while also giving them the opportunity to keep the engagement going when there isn’t an Event running.

Spaces also have the Teleport option available, so you can get all active members together in one location within the Space.

With the Broadcast functionality, you can send announcement messages via an email (and a banner message if they’re online) to all members. Perhaps, you might want to broadcast the next event this way 📢

Remember the Rooms we mentioned within Events? Well, you can also organise similar topical, timeless Rooms for folks to get together over video chat within Spaces too.

Rooms are ideal places for you to collaborate since we’ve integrated Miro (the versatile collaboration tool) into all video calls and meetings. Simply select the whiteboard option in a call to get started 🛠️

Network without the work

You can, of course, customise your profile, which appears as simple contact cards available for everyone you interact with on Tevent.

Found someone you’d like to connect with? Simply add them as a contact using the option on the contact card.

Chat with your contacts individually, or set up a group chat to keep everyone in the know. And all you need to do is to start a video call in any chat to make it a meeting.

And what’s a meeting if you can’t schedule it in advance? Select a time, and we’ll send out invites to everyone you’ve added to it 🤝

tevent event networking eatures with chats and options to meet anytime or schedule calls
Nurture Leads and Stay Connected

Whatever we do, we do it for you

As we mentioned earlier, Tevent is making it accessible for SMEs and communities to host engaging online events and gatherings. What we develop is based on extensive feedback from organisers, and attendees — the challenges they face, the options they’d like, but mainly, how can we make their online engagement easier and more fulfilling.

We are constantly listening, so if you have any thoughts on how we can improve the platform, we’re all ears.

Use the feedback option available on the platform to let us know, or email us at support[at]tevent[dot]com 💌

Our choices around how to build Tevent also revolve around giving users of Tevent the most optimal experience while they host engaging, accessible events. We use the industry-redefining Blazor platform developed by Microsoft, which makes Tevent — you guessed it — blazing fast. It helps our developers build a scalable platform while ensuring zero lag times and high dependability. On the other hand, no online Event is up to the mark without high-quality audio and video. For this, we partner with Dolby, maybe you’ve heard of them? 📽️

Tevent is for your event, no matter the occasion

Now that you know everything there is to know about us, what are you waiting for? We’re eager to help you host events and nurture communities on Tevent. Go to the app and get started.

If you’d like to know more before you do, check out our website, read our blogs, or start a conversation using the chat balloon in the corner.

And again, we’re live on Product Hunt today, so drop by, say hello, and show us some love. 😺

What a whirlwind of information. We wish we could tell you more right here, but we’re aware it might already be TMI. Are we doing this correctly? Is this the right lingo? Did you see we added a TL;DR section at the beginning? 😉

Until then, you can follow us on socials or subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage, and we’ll keep you updated with the latest from Tevent HQ.

Happy Teventing 💜

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