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February 16, 2022

Unmute Your GIFs: Kikliko is on Tevent

We've integrated Kikliko to bring you 3-10 second GIFs with sound. How fun.

Have you ever seen a meme or GIF, and your mind fills in the audio blank? The sheer memory of your all time favourite scene, bouncing around your head like synaesthesia.

No matter what, it’s never quite as good as the real deal — a mere shadow of the sound.

Well, what if you could give your poor old noggin some relief, and scratch that audio itch that’s just beyond hearing? What if you could hear the clip without having to re-watch the whole episode or film that’s tickled your auditory fancy?

Well, look no further — that’s where Kikliko comes in.

Audio GIFs that keep on giving

Kikliko pairs the GIFs we’ve all come to know and love, with the sounds we remember so vividly. Finally — some relief.

Gone are the days where tunes and catch-phrases stick in the mind, un-played, unsatisfied. Kikliko specialises in creating 3-10 second GIFs with sound, and we think it’s so fun, we’ve added it to our platform.

Much like us, Kikliko are all about bringing people together through interaction — and there’s no denying that audio can connect us over vast distances. Head over to Tevent to get in on the fun.

And don’t worry, you can mute them if you need.

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