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December 22, 2022

Using Webinars to Convert Your B2B Leads into Revenue

For all endeavours in sales and marketing, you’re often faced with one seemingly daunting question: ‘What’s the return on investment for this activity?’.

We’ve been busy gathering data, recruiting expert panellists, and polishing up definitions to bring you a top-notch webinar on how to effectively utilise webinars to generate leads (it’s quite meta, we know!)

Our host Tom Parker, CGO of Tevent, was joined by:

  • Justin Stephenson, Partner at Sandler
  • James Donaldson, Head of Partnerships at EngageIQ,
  • and our very own CMO of Tevent, Prasanna

…to unpack the ins and outs of using webinars to drive sales.

We kicked off this new series of webinars with an exciting prize draw, and the lucky winners were contacted to claim these fantastic prizes:

  • Gold Prize: 1000 Tickets + 1-day Events (worth $509pm)
  • Silver Prize: 600 Tickets + 3hr events (worth $144pm)
  • Bronze Prize: 300 Tickets + 2hr events (worth $69pm)
  • Bonus Prize: A sponsored placement on the Sandler Sales Training Program courtesy of our guest panellist, Justin Stephenson (worth >$1000)

In the world of B2B sales and marketing, webinars have quickly become the number 1 channel to nurture new leads and activate them into customers. 🥇

Whether you want to dip your toes in for the first time or brush up on your existing skills, it’s important not to lose track of how to drive a successful outcome.

It’s so easy to get side-tracked by ‘top-of-funnel’ metrics — How many people have registered? How many invites were sent out? How many actually turned up? 😖

There are myriad forgotten metrics that could better help you understand the efficacy of your webinar — but it’s essential first to identify your goals.

Whether you’re focused on awareness, consideration, intent, or conversion — the top to bottom of the funnel should be aligned.

Webinars offer personal interaction and education at scale, and when utilised correctly can bring an unparalleled return on investment. 📈

Throughout the webinar, our panel of experts discussed:

  • Why webinars are one of the most effective channels to convert leads
  • How to design content that moves leads through the funnel
  • How to collect valuable intent data that helps measure your actual ‘return on webinar investment (ROWI)’
  • How to design a clear Call to Action that turns prospects into qualified leads

We want to thank all who attended, but for those that missed out, don’t fret, you can watch the full episode below:

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