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June 24, 2022

Webinar Analytics for Online Event Planners & Organisers

We know it can be tough sometimes validating your ventures — so we’ve made our Analytics robust, yet easy to use.

Analytics is an integral tool for any business — and engagement analytics for online events and webinars is no different. If you’ve invested, time, money, or both into an event, it’s important to measure the success to maximise ROI. For SMEs and Startups, analytics can be the difference between success and failure — so be sure to start keeping track of things early on.

Without data analytics, trying to assess the success of your endeavours would be incredibly difficult. Like taking a stab in the dark, trying to measure ROI of both time and money can be a nightmare when you don’t have the data. Sure, you may have noticed a change in some statistics somewhere, but without proper analytics, your assumptions are based on speculation, and bosses don’t like speculation.

Why use analytics on Tevent?

With the help of Tevent’s analytics features, you’ll be able to keep track of engagement over time to monitor and improve your ROI. Our analytics show you a breakdown per session, Room or Stage — so you can get a better understanding of where your events could use some improvement.

You can see your users in the Analytics Tab of your Event dashboard. From here you’ll be able to monitor the users by country, for an overview of your attendee demographics, a bar chart showing your total viewers of the Event, and specifically which sessions performed well. You’ll also be able to see the users over time at both the event- and session-level.

Event analytics can be downloaded easily from the analytics tab in a CSV file, which can easily be repurposed, or rebranded to your liking.

Who can make use of analytics for online events?

Event analytics are great for event organisers and planners that can’t rely on speculation. Your big bosses will likely be looking for ‘proof in the pudding’ and vague answers often don’t cut it — they want data-driven, cold hard facts. Often, that’s no fun at all — so we’ve taken some strain off your shoulders.

Whether it’s a webinar, conference, or just a casual mixer — it’s good to shine a light on your successes and weaknesses. These statistics can also shine some light on audience interest for Market Researchers. By identifying trends, you can double down on whichever topics/products your audience enjoys most.

How can you make the most of webinar analytics?

There are myriad ways to boost your ROI when it comes to webinars, and event analytics is a powerful tool in your arsenal. For Market Researchers, A/B testing on Tevent can be a great way to optimise your findings.

Be sure to identify your goals before you set out to achieve them — this allows you to appropriately select the metrics you’d like to focus on and structure your webinar accordingly. Your main goals here will be to measure success and maximise growth by identifying audience interest and using this to inform future decisions.

You can make as many Rooms and Stages as you like, and have them run in tandem, or test two separate Events. Let’s say you have one Stage with product A, and another with product B — monitoring the traffic to each and the geographic location of your attendees can not only help you to double down on high-interest/lucrative routes, but also inform what time your event should be in the future, and how best to market them.

You can use these figures in the future in decks and reports to validate your endeavour and provide a framework for reasoning and direction. What’s more, these insights help to keep any sponsors you may have happy — and everyone loves a happy sponsor.

Takeaways for optimal webinar analytics

As an organiser, the burden will often fall on you to validate your venture — and if it does, analytics is a must. Keep yourself and sponsors pleased with downloadable CSV files on Tevent that can be repurposed for decks and reports galore.

Head over to Tevent to start hosting today, or check out our useful guides to find out how.

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