November 26, 2021

Blaming Our (Current) Tools: Why the Future of Virtual Looks Brighter


As parts of the world begin to open back up after a few hard, and soft, reboots - it's difficult to know just what your future workplace will look like. It's thought that we'll take a blended approach - two households, both alike in dignity - remote and on site. We're inclined to agree. Well, it would be a bit silly if we didn't.

While we prepare ourselves for the coming changes, let's spare a thought for the easy commutes gone by. With less commuting came less commuters, less packed carriages, and less sweaty backs pressed against your face. It was nice while it lasted. Here's to hoping the future has less commuters.

Some things we can change, and some we can't - but a little moan every now and then never hurt anyone, right?

Let's be real - online interactions can be tough.

The undeniably human need to perform is only amplified as we see our startled reactions mirrored back in real-time. We've all been told countless times that smiling increases a release of endorphins - but what they didn't tell us is just how much our faces would hurt. As we grow with our new communities, tensions will inevitably ease, facial muscles will relax, and hopefully we can reverse the crows feet already forming.

Well, it's no wonder without movement...

The significant lack of online movement and mingling we're currently facing can feel oh, so socially crippling. We all miss water-cooler catch ups! Even with offices opening back up, these chats might be held at a distance. I don't know if you've ever tried to whisper from 2m away. It's hard.

With this lack of online mobility, it's easy to feel like a caged parakeet tweeting incessantly in a cacophony of hey, hi and hello's. Turn taking is hard enough in real life - add a sprinkle of copper wire connectivity, a dash of audio distortion, and a healthy dollop of general awkwardness and you've concocted a recipe for interruption.

We simply don't have the tools to connect - yet.

It's no secret that the current landscape of online connectivity is becoming a hindrance to connection. When the call ends - it ends abruptly, and we lose touch. No-one likes to leave the party before it's over - and now your friend might never hear about the plumber that's failed to fix your shower for the past month. The plus side, I guess - they can't smell you.

The future of online is immersive - change is coming. We're heading into the bronze age of online connectivity - the tools will roll in, and with them we'll build virtual realms like never before. It's time to create inclusive spaces online, where we can all feel comfortable. It's time to give our facial muscles a well deserved rest.

Brighter futures start with better choices. As we're sure you've noticed - we've spent a lot of time thinking about what's going wrong, and where we're being let down; to give us the best shot at keeping all the good bits of remote, whilst doing away with the bad.

If you're ready to try something a bit different - and, if we do say so ourselves, much better - you can claim your unique space in Tevent, by ignoring the shiny, new button up top and clicking our GIF below.

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