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A Space for your community.

Tevent helps you provide a permanent Space for your communities to hang out, share knowledge, host workshops, collaborate and network.


(some of the) best bits:

Some of Tevent

Your community on Tevent


Connect and network on a personal level.

Stay connected with personal chats and group meetings, even after an Event is over.


Collaborate in timeless Rooms.

Empower your community to get together and collaborate in Rooms that stay bustling even when you aren’t around.


Save time with event & webinar templates.

Utilise event templates to create instant agendas — simply customise and go.

Grow your community effortlessly.

Tevent makes it simple to cultivate your community in Spaces that are built to stimulate engagement, aid networking, and enable meaningful outcomes.

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Never stop learning

Steal These 5 ChatGPT Prompts for Your Next Virtual Event

The how and why behind Tevent.

It’s about time we outgrew the teething pains of current virtual and remote solutions. Let’s start making remote fun, collaborative and workable for all.

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