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Whatever you're juggling right now, let us bear some of that weight. Curate events with ease using our intiutive tools, and host them all from your own permanent space.

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Keep them coming back for more.

We're not built for rigid interactions and awkward conversations — we need natural ebbs and flows. Host engaging events; create Tables in an instant; and what's more, Events can be hosted from your own permanent Space, so everyone knows where to come back to for more.


(some of) the best bits:

interactive stage & venue

Events, where everyone's involved.

Every element of your Events is purpose-built for interaction; from Stage sessions equipped with live, animated, reactions to the buzzing activity of members moving between Rooms and Tables. Host all your events under the common roof of your own lively community Space.

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Natural contacts & Connections

Introduce yourself on-hover.

Someone in the community you'd like to get to know a little better? Learn about your fellow community members on-hover, then strike up a conversation in-context; if dating apps can make it easier to meet and connect, why not online communities, too?

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Inherent Sociability

Powerful tools, for proper conversation.

Free-flowing messaging tools let members connect one-to-one, form smaller groups, or both (even at the same time). Click on any avatar to strike up a conversation, or make group chats to message, call or video-chat at just a click. Online conversation shouldn't be limited by its tools.

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Designed for you.

We give you the platform to meet, share and stay in touch.
What you do with that, is up to you.

Host Your Events for Free

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The how and why behind Tevent.

It's about time we outgrew the teething pains of current virtual and remote solutions. Let's start making remote fun, collaborative and workable for all.

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Host your events for free, while we’re in Beta.

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