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Common Questions

Some of your most common questions, answered. If you need to know more, don't hesitate to get in touch at

Early Access

What's the catch?
There isn't one. Our early access phase will be a chance to try out Tevent - there may be a bug or two, but we value early feedback. Just make sure to let us know what you think - particularly if you do spot any bugs, via the button in the app's topbar. And, tell a friend if you like it.In the meantime, be sure to claim your space, and be the first to hear when things go live.
When will early access start?
Sooner than you think - sign up to the list to claim the URL of your space early.
Are there limits to the number of events, attendees or sessions I can host during this time?
No limits to events or sessions, the number of attendees will have a fixed capacity according to your space, which we'll set at a generous maximum until our pricing tiers come into effect.

The Platform

Do I need to download Tevent to use it?
Nope - just log into the platform, when it's ready. And, if enough people tell us they want it, we'll roll out a downloadable app that'll save you the bother of opening a tab by jostling for precious taskbar real estate instead.
How much will it cost?
We're committed to keeping Tevent accessible, allowing anyone to host gatherings and groups in their space. We haven't released our final pricing yet, but we'll always offer a free option for smaller groups, that doesn't involve at least fifty percent of the screen being taken up by ads for dubious mobile games - or us stooping as low as hoping that you'll forget to cancel the free trial. You can expect our paid tiers to be significantly cheaper than competitive offerings too.
What makes Tevent special?
We want to knock down the barriers to socialising and sharing in satisfying spaces. Say goodbye to fire-and-forget callrooms, scrambling for links and never properly catching up with people as a result. Our interactivity, collaboration and social features make our spaces, and the rooms and events within them, stand out. It's not just another webinar or videoconferencing app.
Are there  limits to the number of events, attendees or sessions I can host?
Our Stages currently hold 500 attendees, while our Rooms hold 25 video participants per table, although there is no maximum to the number of Tables.
Are there any other practical limitations?
Not really.
Can I report issues and bugs?
Please do. Find the button in the top-right of the Tevent app to get support from us if you need it, or simply submit a bug ticket to be notified of when it's solved.
Will functionality be added later?
Absolutely. Tevent will always be developing and the best bit is: we want you to be a part of it. We'll soon unveil the ways in which you can make your voice heard on exactly which features we should implement. But we have a million ideas on how we can bring the future closer, and create fun, rich online spaces in the process.
What will you do with my data?
We will not share or sell your data outside of Tevent, ever. Unless you ask us to. Pay for Tevent and we'll never need to run ads or pass brown envelopes full of hard drives in back alleys - it's a great relationship. We keep an eye on how often certain features are used and give organisers analytics for tickets, attendance and engagement within their own events and spaces. There are all sorts of laws that limit how much we can divulge personal data about any individual user's habits, though - not that we care what you've been looking at in the first place. We won't tell, we promise.

Attendee Signups, Accounts and Tickets

Do attendees need to make accounts?
Yes - we're very keen on all users having a tangible presence on the platform - that's why our fully-fledged social features require an account to work. It takes twenty seconds, once. Tevent isn't designed for faceless circles or calls that disappear, or boot you off, in a puff of smoke.
Do I need to make a Space to make an Event?
Yes - we thought long and hard about whether we could allow Events to roam free, and then decided it was silly. Spaces tell people who you are, your organisation, community or shared interest. Plus, we've made it so that people don't need to be a member of your group or organisation to attend your event.
How can I issue tickets?
Our public registration pages will be available in our MVP launch,  but for now you can issue tickets to everyone in your Space automatically (or not) and invite any guests manually. You can also create any landing page to collect attendees' emails. The number of tickets you can issue is unlimited - but watch out, if you assign more tickets than your capacity (governed by your subscription tier) then some attendees may not be able to get in.
What do I do if I need to remove an attendee from a Space or Event?
Rabble-rousers creating mischief? We've made it easy to kick them out. In a call, hosts have the option to kick people. In Spaces, removing a member will throw them out immediately. For events, enter the editor (a huge purple button at the bottom) and then click 'tickets' and press the large X next to any attendee, to immediately revoke their privileges like Uncle Phil to Jazzy Jeff.
Can I sell tickets to my event through Tevent?
Not yet, but we weren't born yesterday so we know money is quite important; we'll be putting that feature in with our full product launch. Get on the waiting list to find out first, when we announce the release date.


What's the difference between Events and Spaces?
An event is for single timed gatherings - birthdays, presentations and such. Spaces are a home for a community, organisation or group as well as a banner within which events, and permanent rooms, can sit.
Who can create a 'Space'?
Absolutely anyone with a device that can access the internet. Minimum Windows XP, probably.
Where do I find my spaces?
Once we're in early access, you'll just need to log into the webapp. You won't be able to miss them. Don't worry though, we'll be sure to furnish your inbox with everything you need to get started. Just in case.
Are there any practical limits?
You can have as many members or event registrations as you like, but only a certain number are allowed in at once - like a nightclub. This is governed by the capacity of your space - upgrade it to hold more attendees.

Organising on Tevent

What are the different types of sessions?
Stages are for presenting to large numbers of people, with up to 25 attendees. However, it's not a webinar - plenty of interactivity features and a live audience make the Stage stand out - and you, by extension. Rooms are a flexible way to....
What are 'tracks' ?
A way to subdivide and organise complex event schedules - much like 'tracks' or 'streams' at any conference. Grouping sessions by....
Can I record presentations?
Sure. What kind of tinpot platform do you take us for? We store your recordings for six months, without limits, and you can even re-watch after they've finished, directly in the session without extra downloads.
Can I run multiple sessions at once?
We'd be upset if you didn't - there's no limit to how many sessions you can run at once within Tevent.
Where can I go for in-app/ more support?
In the Tevent app's top-right corner, there's a help button which will immediately take you to chat to a member of the team if you need urgent support, or submit a bug report otherwise. Please do - we want to hear from you.
Does Tevent work on mobile?
It's getting there. You can technically navigate to the site as normal, but we are still tweaking the sizings to be optimal for mobile. A dedicated mobile app is a development priority for us, but Rome wasn't built in a day unfortunately.
Can I make changes once my Event has started?
Absolutely - there are handy shortcuts in any session to quickly edit your event, including adding Speakers, changing names and tweaking timings. However, you can't change times if they're in the past - how would that even work?


My Camera/Mic isn't working?
Press CTRL+F5 (CMD+F5 on Mac) and this should fix most issues. If you still have issues, chat to us via the help button in the top-right of the app and submit a ticket, or speak to a member of the team for help.
There's an echo in my room, what do I do?
Usually echoes are caused by your microphone picking up the sound from your speakers. Most computers cancel this automatically, but only if you have your audio output and input set to the same device. Otherwise, plug in a pair of headphones and the echo should disappear.In any case, we recommend using AI filtering software like or Nvidia Broadcast to clean up your background audio, even if you don't have an echo. It works like magic.
I'm having trouble logging in?
The fastest way is simply to reset your password, if you have forgotten it. If this is still not working, get in touch with us and we can help you out.

Promotions & Partnerships

I want to partner with Tevent! Who do I speak to?
Send a message to at tevent dot com.
Will you pay us money to namedrop Tevent in our podcast or TV show?
No. Please stop asking.


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