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Your own
'Central Perk'

Games, drinks, quiz nights or just up for a chat. Ditch the meeting links—give your nearest and dearest a custom space that's free to use anytime; for anything.

Make Your Space

Mingling is back on the cards.

We know you're sick of being the unofficial emcee anytime you want to get together and have fun. We're not built to always have such rigid conversations; we need natural ebbs and flows.

Bump into people; spark a conversation with someone nearby; add them as a contact to catch-up later. By giving everyone a real presence on the platform, we've made free and open mingling a top priority.


(some of) the best bits:

Curate A Permanent HUB

Your unique social Space for keeps.

Your space is your own, flexible, blank canvas. Break it down into whatever sessions you want, and seamlessly customise them all in our editor.

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Gather, chat, play - under one roof

A one-stop-shop

When you need to navigate between at least 12 tabs to rally your friends around a game or activity—it takes some magic out of the moment. Drop into one place for all your chat, video, and general fun time needs. Imagine that.

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Get chatting, and stay connected

Your unique social Space for keeps.

Instant messaging just got sexier. No more clunky interfaces, or awkward menus. Click on any avatar to spark a conversation, or video call, and make group chats to get a bunch of people together—at a click. Yes, we also have GIFs.

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Why Tevent?

We're championing fun.

The work call, the webinar lecture—in lots of ways our professional lives have trudged on, but who's giving fun the time of day?

And, if we can have fun at a distance, our social lives—and not just our work—are less constrained by time, geography and circumstance.

Make Your Space

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Communication Through The Ages Part I

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The how and why behind Tevent.

It's about time we outgrew the teething pains of current virtual and remote solutions. Let's start making remote fun, collaborative and workable for all.

Our Mission

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Make Your Space