August 12, 2021

Create a Room in a Space

What's a Room?

Rooms, much like real-life rooms, are customisable places to hang out with other folks. You can use them to furnish your Spaces - to give members permanent and distinct areas to convene in - and/or add them to your Event itinerary to host multiple sessions at once.

How to Make a Room:

  • The easiest way to create a Room is to click the '+Create' button on the top-right hand corner of the screen and select the 'Room' option. On the 'Room Parent' screen, select which Space you would like the Room to live in, pick a name and an icon and hit ' Create Room'.
  • You can also select 'Show all options' to add all the additional details there an then, including: a description, a customized URL slug, and an option to give members the permission to create, edit & delete tables.
  • If you're already in a Space, click the '+ Add' option beside Rooms in the left-hand bar, and go through the same, super simple, steps above.
  • If the Space is brand spanking new, and doesn't yet have any Rooms and/or Events, the default homepage will have a button inviting you to create a new Room.
  • Don't forget to invite people over to your Space so they can use the Room. Nobody likes an empty Room.

Loved the experience? Hated it? We'd love to know more - leave us your feedback by following these steps.

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