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August 9, 2021

Create a Stage in an Event

What's a Stage?

A Stage is where you showcase a talk, a keynote, a presentation, a performance, a creative showcase, a or even a movie if you'd like. Your Space is your playground after all; Stages are just an interactive medium for one-to-many sessions.

Stages exist within Events. Find out how to make one of those here.

Creating a Stage:

In a new Event, you'll find the Create Stage option conveniently placed in the middle of your Event's central screen. If you're inside an Event already, you can always create a new Stage by clicking the '+Create' button in the top-right corner of the navigation bar and selecting 'Stage'.

On the 'Add Stage' screen, you will be able to name your Stage, add the members who will be assigned as presenters (and so given the right moderation functionalities), and decide how long the Stage will be accessible to members for. You can also customize the thumbnail for the Stage. Everybody loves decoration. Plus, in the additional options, you'll be able to add a description for your Stage, as well as a customized URL slug (so long as it's available).

Hit 'Create Stage', and voila!

Find more on joining a Stage and going live here: Join a Stage, Go Live on a Stage.

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