August 6, 2021

Event Visibility, Registration, Permissions and Roles

Your Events can be as public or private as you choose. And, you have several options when it comes to inviting members and setting their permissions.

Visibility: lets you choose who can view the Event.

  • Public: anyone on Tevent with a ticket can access the Event.
  • Private: anyone in the Space with a ticket can access the Event. Tevent users who are not members of the Space cannot.
  • Invite Only: only invited users can attend the event, regardless of whether they are a Space member or not.

Registration Policy: lets you decide who can register for the Event.

  • Open: anyone can register for a Ticket, including non-Space members.
  • Members Only: only Space members can register for Tickets.
  • None: members must be assigned a Ticket or enter via a Ticket-link.

Attendee Permissions: lets you decide what members can do within an Event.

  • Create Rooms: find out more about creating Rooms here.
  • Create Stages: find out more about creating Stages here.

Roles: lets you decide the level of administrative access a member has within an Event.

  • Organiser/ Staff: has complete administrative access within an Event including the ability to edit Event Settings, inviting people to the Event, and editing User Roles.
  • Attendee: can access any part of the Event but does not have any admin access.

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