August 6, 2021

Give Feedback

We are always looking to make Tevent better for everyone, and feedback (both positive, and constructive) from you, a beloved user, is an integral part of that process. Please do let us know of any bugs you might encounter, or of any features you might want to see on the platform.

And no, we don't just discard suggestions, but think hard about what people are telling us they want, so we can keep improving — with your help, of course. You can also just ask us a question or let us know you're loving the Tevent experience.

How To Leave Us A Note:

Click on your name on the top right hand corner of the screen, and from the drop-down, select 'Give Feedback'. On the screen that pops up, select the type of feedback you'd like to give and some details. Hit 'Submit' and we'll get your comments right into our inbox. It's as easy as that. Hooray for constant iteration and improvement!

Do you have some meta feedback about these guides as well? Wonderful. Now you know exactly what to do. But if you're still feeling lazy, and love the warm embrace of an easy to follow link, here you go.

Psst, you can get back to the main menu by clicking here.


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