August 9, 2021

Go Live on a Stage

You don't become the next Steve Jobs without giving great keynote speeches. Regardless of how high a bar you set for yourself, here's how to go live and showcase your mesmerising presentation on Tevent's Stage. Note: you'll need to be an Organiser or member of Staff to go live on Stages.

Firstly, go to the Event that your Stage lives in, and click on the Stage thumbnail:

  • Once inside, select the 'Go Live' option just under the Stage video.
  • A green 'join Stage' button will let you configure your mic and video settings, before previewing your feed in the main video screen.
  • After that, you can click the 'go live' option to start broadcasting yourself to the audience.
  • Throughout the Event, you'll be able to see the viewers, the chat, answer questions and take polls (coming soon) through the different tabs in right-hand sidebar.
  • To End the Stage, select the 'End Stage' option just under the Stage video. You cannot undo an End Stage action, so make sure the show is definitely over before confirming you want to end the session.

Loved the experience? Hated it? We'd love to know more - leave us your feedback by following these steps.

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