August 9, 2021

Options in a Call

There's loads of fun to be had within calls, if we do say so ourselves. If you aren't clued up already, look here for details on how to join a call.

Once you're in:

  • The buttons on the central toolbar house all the usual suspects, including: the option to mute or unmute your audio; enable or disable your video; share your screen; and open up the chat panel.
  • The Settings button in the bottom left, lets you configure the devices used for the audio and video functionalities on the call.
  • If you open up the sidebar, by clicking the icon in the bottom right, you can see the chat, a list of all the people in the call, app options as well as, most importantly, the different Tables within that Room for quick and easy navigation. Just select the table you want to join and move along. Cool, right?
  • The top right corner of the video section gives you the option to choose the layout you want to use for viewing other members of the call. You can choose to focus on the presenter or split the screen to see everyone at once (in two different layout options). You can also select which screen to focus on by clicking the expand option that appears when you hover over another member's icon.
  • Lastly, you can mute anyone else's audio, for yourself personally, via the mute or unmute option you see while hovering over their icon.

Loved the experience? Hated it? We'd love to know more - leave us your feedback by following these steps.

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