August 6, 2021

Sign Up

Getting Signed Up:

When you first head to the Tevent web app you should be sent to the log in page, you can find that here if you're having trouble (or if any of the other buttons dotted around the site have passed you by already). Click on the sign up option and all we'll need is your email and a password of your choice, which you'll use to login from then on out.

Some pointers on password making:

  • Do make sure you have a strong password — we give you a helpful list of what to include, so no excuses please.
  • Take care when typing it in — we won't ask you to 'confirm' the password so make sure you're not rushing and giving yourself a typo-laden version, which will make it harder to get back in later.
  • We're also not too worried about you being a robot, for the time being.

Making Your Profile:

On the next few screens you'll be able to start setting up your profile. It's all very simple really,but worth spending a minute or two on; this is how people will see and interact with you across the platform. First impressions count, and so on and so forth.

Fill in your name, upload a profile picture, and add in some basic details like your job and a quick bio. Hit complete, and rejoice: you're in (the confetti is kind of a giveaway). You can even add a banner image to bring some extra personality to the table. What's not to like?

Loved the experience? Hated it? We'd love to know more - leave us your feedback by following these steps.

Psst, you can get back to the main menu by clicking here.


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