August 6, 2021

Space Visibility, Membership, Permissions and Roles

Privacy is important, and we want you to be able to let your Space be as public or private as you want. Here's the rundown on all the options you have for Space visibility, membership, roles and permissions.

Visibility: lets you choose who can view and has access to your Space.

  • Public: the Space will be visible to everyone on Tevent.
  • Private: the Space will not be listed anywhere on Tevent, but anyone with a link or an invite will be able to access it.
  • Secret: the Space will neither be listed nor be accessible via link. It will only be visible to members who have been invited to it.

Membership: lets you decide who can join your Space.

  • Open: any Tevent member can join your Space by hitting the Join button.
  • On request: members will need to request access to your Space, and be approved before they can use it.

Member permissions: let you decide what members can do within the Space.

  • Create Rooms: find out more about creating Rooms here.
  • Create Events: find out more about creating Events here.
  • Invite members: any member can invite others to join the Space. Find out how to invite people to Spaces here.

Roles: let you set administrative access for each member in a Space.

  • Manager: can edit all Space Settings, invite other members and manage their Roles.
  • Member: can access everything in the Space but do not have admin access.

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