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Host engaging webinars & mixers.
All features
100 Ticket Credits
1 hour long events


Scale up, without the price tag.
All features
200 Ticket Credits
1 hour long events


For larger and longer events.
All features
500 Ticket Credits
3 hour long events

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See how Tevent compares to alternatives. Not only are we more affordable, we give you complete control over your plan.

Tevent's Features

All features, for free, forever.

On Tevent, you always have free access to every feature — even on the free plan. Yup, you heard that right. Every single feature. Here’s what that means:

🗓️ Engaging Webinars & Mixers

No-login, no-download entry
Customisable Registration Page
Access Control - Open or Invite Registration
Invite via Link or Email
Customisable Event URL
Concurrent Events, Stages & Rooms
Organisers and Presenters/Hosts
Stages - engaging webinars & talks
∞ (16 Presenters, Up to 3000 Viewers)
Rooms - interactive social spaces
∞ (50 Capacity, Up to 25 Videos)
‘Teleport’ attendees between sessions
‘Broadcast’ to all in your event - via email and in-platform
Detailed Event Analytics

💬 Social

Customisable contact cards & user profiles
Add and keep contacts
Chats & Calling 1-on-1 or groups
Anytime, HD (50 Capacity, Up to 25 Videos)
Chat reactions, mentions, GIFs, and pinning
Link invites for calls, chat groups, and meetings
No-login, instant Meeting & Call links
Email calendar invites
Miro Whiteboard in all Calls & Meetings
Upload and send images and files in all chats

🏠 Permanent 'Spaces'

Permanent member list - downloadable
Custom access - public or private
Customisable URL
Members can see & watch past Events
Automatic invites to future Events
Your Choice
Always-on social rooms
'Broadcast' emails to all members

🔄 Record & Replay Sessions

One-click HD recording
Cloud storage & download for all participants
180 Days
In-Event replay of past sessions
Replay Meetings/1-1/Group calls

Host interactive webinars, effortlessly.

Tevent makes it simple to host bespoke webinars, on-demand recordings, and spontaneous events — all in your personalised, branded Space.

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Questions & Answers

Questions? Answers.

Our Pricing Model

What is a Ticket Credit?
Each credit allows one attendee to register for an event. Having the same person at two different events will require a ticket for each. If you have 500 credits and 100 attendees register for your events, you will be left with 400 credits in your account afterwards. Ticket credits are not recoverable once they have been used, if an attendee is banned or has their ticket revoked for an event. This is to stop potential loopholes around re-using credits.
If I subscribe monthly, can I plan Events more than a month in the future?
Certainly. Events can be created and customised at any point in the future. Once an attendee registers a ticket for your event, that ticket is confirmed and paid for, and will not expire - even if you cancel your subscription. Unused credits will roll over into the next billing period. Rollover is limited to a total of three times your subscribed plan’s ticket credits, and has no time limit.
What happens if I run out of Ticket Credits?
If you have zero ticket credits, new registrations for your event will be disabled and you will be unable to create new events. You can increase the number of credits at any time by upgrading your plan - detailed below. Note that each ticket credit is cheaper in higher plans, so those plans are more cost-effective. You can roll over a maximum of three times your plan’s listed number of credits if you do not use them.
What happens at the end of my billing period?
Unused ticket credits will roll over to the next billing period. There’s no time limit on this, but the rollover is limited to three times your current plan’s credits. Your plan will recur at the original price, giving you an additional set of ticket credits to use. For example, if you are subscribed to a 400 ticket credit plan and currently have 200 unused credits, when your plan recurs you’ll have 600 credits to use.
How is Tevent so affordable - are there any hidden costs?
No - the price you see, is the price you’ll pay. In a word: flexibility. Our plans can be precisely tailored to your needs, meaning you only pay for the level of usage you’re likely to require, rather than overpaying for tiers with fixed length or number of attendees that is higher than you require.
Can I try Tevent for free, or hold one-off events?
Any event of up to 100 attendees and one hour in length is free for all accounts. We will shortly be adding a free trial month, so you can try Tevent before committing to a purchase. We will be adding a dedicated ‘one-off’ payment option as soon as we can. Until then, simply purchase a monthly subscription and then downgrade if you do not want it to recur. There is no time limit on ticket expiry.
How does upgrading my plan work?
Events are unpredictable; we don’t make you wait until the end of the billing period, or pay for a whole month’s subscription if you need a few extra tickets. So our upgrades apply immediately - when upgrading, you receive the difference in ticket credits between your previous and new plan immediately, and pay the price difference between the two plans. Your new plan recurs from the next billing period onwards.
How does downgrading or cancelling my plan work?
If you haven’t used any of the credits you purchased in the current billing period, you’ll receive a refund for that plan if you downgrade or cancel. If you have started using your plan that month, your downgrade or cancellation will apply at the start of the following billing period.


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