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Making engaging events accessible.

Why are we forced to choose between online events that are either accessible yet unrewarding, or engaging yet expensive?

We are breaking down the barriers to meaningful remote gatherings, so anyone can access compelling, interactive online events.

What organisers like you love about Tevent

Simple, self-serve creation

Access every feature. On any plan.

Leverage polls, group chats, recording, on-demand replays & more, at any tier.

In-Depth Analytics

Explore extensive
event insights.

Unveil the reasons behind your event’s success using downloadable analytics.

Make Tevent Your Own

Cultivate communities, in dynamic Spaces.

Mingle in Rooms, collaborate on Miro, make ad-hoc calls. Eliminate the work from networking.

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From Us

Remote is inevitable.
Let’s make it work.

“Remote isn’t a competitor to physical — it’s an ally. We’re creating a simple, fast set of interactive tools to gather, meet and share from anywhere, for situations that don’t warrant the travel time and cost, childcare, health concerns, and climate impact of physical gatherings.”

— Ahmed Amer, Tevent Co-Founder & CEO

From You

People bringing people together on Tevent

Purchaser @ AppSumo
“I love the layout and user interface, its easy to learn when you play around with it for about an hour. I also think the UI and UX is way better than Airmeet.”
Lucie Bouchet
Designer @ Tenessees
“Above everything, It’s quite interactive which is something I really like.”
Timothy Ovie
Co-Founder @ Community Leads Africa
“I loved being able to easily teleport people round the session, and broadcast notifications to attendees on the platform and their emails. The recording works so seamlessly and easily — it’s available as soon as the stage ends!”


Never stop learning

Steal These 5 ChatGPT Prompts for Your Next Virtual Event

The how and why behind Tevent.

It’s about time we outgrew the teething pains of current virtual and remote solutions. Let’s start making remote fun, collaborative and workable for all.

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