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Virtual spaces. Real connections.

Connect, mingle, share and collaborate in rich, flexible group spaces— not passive webinars, clunky calls or prescriptive formats. Tevent is built from the ground up to facilitate the dynamic interactions we take for granted when getting together physically.

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We're focusing on better.

The internet gave us the power of 'more'. More info. More followers, friends and 'connections'. Our focus is on giving virtual spaces a chance at better. Better tools. Better interactions. Better connections.

Simple, self-serve creation

Create dynamic spacesfast.

Build permanent spaces fostering rich connections with experiences and events any time, with complex activities, layouts and interactions but without a dedicated team, corporate budget or technical wizardry.

Make it real. Live. Memorable. Not something to RSVP & skip.

Interactive tools

Collaborate in real-time.

Whether it's a small team brainstorm; a facilitated workshop, a weekly meetup, or a focused seminar, it's usually the case that two (or more) heads are better than one. Let's spend more time thinking, and less time trying to get onto the same page—literally.

From us

Virtual is inevitable. Let's make it viable.

"Travelling to physical events is tiring, time-consuming and excludes people. And we'll have to stop either way, for the planet's sake. But current methods of gathering online are distant and unsatisfying — text message boards, fire-and-forget callrooms or passive webinars. Let's create new ways to get together, socialise and share online, translating the formats we take for granted when meeting physically."

- Ahmed Amer, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Mission


People bringing people together on Tevent:

"Having used lots of different options in the past, Tevent is definitely the best at creating sociable, accessible events."

Oliver Hanney
Student Organiser

"There's a lot of interaction... it's just fun to see what can be done here [on Tevent]."

Andrew Dettelbach
Founder & CEO at Whealth

“If we can make platforms more engaging, like Tevent, for better networking and return on investment... I think that's what's missing in the market.”

Pauline Kwasniak
Founder at Female Event Planners


Naomi Hollas
Founder & CEO

“With interactive tools built for active learning, collaboration and building support networks. With interactive tools built for active learning, collaboration and building support networks.”

Chioma Wigwe
Co-Founder & CEO at growwth

"Miles better than Zoom."

Kya Buller
Founder & CEO


Communication Through The Ages Part I

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The how and why behind Tevent.

It's about time we outgrew the teething pains of current virtual and remote solutions. Let's start making remote fun, collaborative and workable for all.

Our Mission

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