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Come One, Come All (Please)

As we're sure you've noticed - we've spent a lot of time thinking about what's going wrong, and where we're being let down; to give us the best shot at keeping all the good bits of remote, whilst doing away with the bad.

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Why You Have Virtually No Friends.
Some things are a fact of life: death, taxes, so on, so forth. Other things, like the plethora of kind-of-the-same-but-bad-for-various-reasons social apps that we somersault between to keep up with the people we care about, shouldn't be. We think there's has to be a better way.
Blaming Our (Current) Tools: Why the Future of Virtual Looks Brighter
Brighter futures start with better choices. As we're sure you've noticed - we've spent a lot of time thinking about what's going wrong, and where we're being let down; to give us the best shot at keeping all the good bits of remote, whilst doing away with the bad.
Communities in the Age of Online: Why Aren't We Clicking?
With the world supposedly at our fingertips, who'd have thought things could get so, well, lonely? If we can message anyone, anywhere, at any time — why is it so tricky to find like-minded people, and keep the spark alive? What's making online communities so drab?
Here are the task management tools we use daily.
Getting back into the swing of things has never been easy. As promised, here's the second half of our run-down of five top tools to integrate into a remote workflow, focused this time on task management. If you haven't caught up with the first half, find that here.
Santa, you're on mute.
We're used to virtual work, but virtual play is still somewhat unfamiliar terrain. 'Tis the season for giving, so here are some friendly tips from us to you, on how you can make the most of the tools at your disposal.
Information Overload & 'Getting Stuff Done'
Meeting and sharing is being interrupted, now more than ever, by the incessant consumption of information. Paying due consideration to how much of that information we can actually meaningfully process is key to more productive engagement - so, whether you're hosting, presenting, organising, or attending events, it's worth remembering that less is often more.
Remote Work: More Than A ‘Quick Fix’
To remote work, or not to remote work, that is - and has been for some time - the question. We think however, that some more meaningful reflection on what it could offer, and how it has been conceptualised, has long been missing. Remote work is far more than a 'quick fix', its a significant step toward a more flexible and inclusive future, even for those of us who love the office.
What about work friends?
Does remote work pose a threat to our precious social lives? As we ditch the office will our 'work friends' become a thing of the past? We think not.
It's Not All Or Nothing With Virtual
It's not all or nothing with virtual - in fact, we've been blending physical and digital mediums for decades, showing us how there need not be a fight to the death between the two - especially if we want to preserve the headway we've made in terms of accessibility.
23 Virtual Event Ideas For Work Socials
It's one thing to bond with your co-workers when you see each other basically all day, everyday, at the office. It's quite a different thing to create the same kind of atmosphere when most, or all, of you work remotely, and rarely (if ever) see each other in person. As career expert Vicki Salemi tells us, “employees need to feel valued and feel like their bosses care. And care about the whole being, not just the employee part”.
In Review: Tevent Presents #1
We run through some of the key takeaways from our first Tevent Presents. 1) Connecting remotely has made it okay to be human. 2) Accessibility as more than just the new black. 3) And a discussion on the challenges facing a virtual events future.
We're 100% remote. Here are the tools we use daily.
We've been working remotely since day one. It's going quite well. Exhausting the entire spectrum of remote working tools to find the right solutions has been a process we wouldn't wish on anyone. So, in light of common remote-work-woes, we're sharing what we've settled on.
What's Love Got To Do With It?
Despite not really being possible before the pandemic, we've found ways to hack together existing tools to socialise online in a time of need. The only thing going away is those tools - not our increasing need to turn the chaotic and unpredictable, into the presentable and useful.


Come One, Come All (Please)

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